Feel the terror of being chased by a shark swimming underwater

There's something about this video that fills me with terror more than any other shark clip I've ever seen. It's not its monstrous looks, but the vision of it coming at you out of nowhere, accelerating until it engulfs your head with its jaws. The complete video is even worse.

It's terrifying to see this mako shark coming in again and again, systematically eating all its prey until everything is gone.

According to the author, this was shot out of Ocean City, Maryland using a Gopro HD Hero 3 black at 120 frames per second.

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This isn't terrifying, this is beautiful. Sharks are not dangerous creatures, merely misunderstood. I'd write a whole novel here but I just don't have the time right now. Long story short, i'm a long time diver who has dove with great whites, tigers, whalesharks, hammerheads, great hammerheads, lemon, bull, black tip, you name it, i've dove with em.