Fi Win SIP/Skype Phone

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Why lock yourself into one VoIP standard when you can have a device that does them both? SIP (Gizmo Project, Asterisk) and Skype (Skype) have historically been incompatible due to their using two different protocols. But now you can have both your VoIP networks at your fingertips when you have this Fi WIn SIP/Skype phone.


The phone comes in red, black, silver and white, has 3.5 hours of talk time, 60 hours of standby time, and supports 802.11b. No word on availability or pricing.

Fi Win [via Sydney Morning Herald]


I spent all day researching WiFi SIP phones, and this one looked very promising.

However, in digging a bit deeper, I feel that I need to point out that a similar model Fi-Win phone has a serious security flaw:…

Namely a debug level username and password is hardcoded into the phone, making it very vulnerable from a standard telnet session...

I dont know if it has been fixed in this version, but I am holding off buying one until I know for sure...