Fiat Eco Drive Tells You How To Drive Cleaner

There are lots of ways to get the most out of your fuel tank without resorting to buying a new car—closing the windows when traveling over 50mph, using a car's air flow system rather than the AC, and easing on the break being just a couple of examples. In case you need a little help implementing these methods, Fiat and Microsoft are releasing an optional Eco Drive software that will record your driving habits and give you suggestions on how to roll more efficiently. All you need is a Fiat car with Microsoft's Blue&Me System, an onboard computer that's currently offered in some Fiats, Alfa Romeos and Ford cars. Download the Eco Drive software from the internet, load it onto any USB drive and plug it into the auto PC's port. The program will then measure your fuel consumption, speed, breaking style, and gear shifts to determine ways you can drive better. In case you don't have a Fiat car, but still want some tips to keep in mind, they have a couple on their website. [Cnet]

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six strapping hobos, a rickshaw, some pep pills, sandwiches and Gas-X, and I can beat that FIAT.