Fidelity Digital Picture Frames

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So you've just bought a really kickin' digital camera and now need a place to show off all those artistic photos. Fidelity Electronics is releasing a series of digital photo picture frames that accept pretty much every storage card in existence, letting you proudly display your treasured memories while simultaneously annoying all of your party guests in the process.

The two models, the DPF-8000F and the DPF-5600F, have an 8-in. and 5.6-in. frame, respectively; the DPF-8000F can handle up to 12 megapixels while the DPF-5600F can handle up to 10 megapixels. As an added bonus, the 8-in. model will also display MPEG1/2/4 videos as well as MP3s, setting up the possibility for mini-Spielberg slideshows.

Both frames should be available sometime this summer, with the big boy costing $250 and its smaller partner $200.


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