Fighting Words From BlackBerry

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RIM's so confident that its upcoming two flagship phones and OS 6.0 will pound the competition into mincemeat, their co-CEO Jim Balsillie has taken to using physics to express his excitement. It better not just be that flip-phone, RIM. [BusinessInsider]




Blackberry is a successful mystery. When traveling on planes trains and automobiles this last week, I notice just how many Blackberry users there are. People love that stuff. It looks a bit less functional than WinMo but with better fonts and icons. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't get the huge appeal. It's not like the phones or carrier plans for them are cheap. Are they super reliable? Are the menus just that more intuitive that it's really easy to use? What is the draw? Especially over a WinMo or Symbian QWERTY keyboard phone. Is it the brand identity?