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The CDMA, dual-screened clamshell 9760 has got its 15 minutes' fame on video today, but perhaps more intriguing for BlackBerry fans is the walk-through video of the upcoming software update, OS 6.0.


Kudos to for what's proven to be a nice, clear walk through two leaked BlackBerry products. While my heart still isn't sold on the clamshell (and I doubt it ever will be), the site says that it's "very sleek and smooth," with the front screen being "very large." The right-side has the multimedia/volume buttons, and inside there's the full QWERTY keypad and optical trackpad. The inside screen is "very large and should make for a pleasant browsing experience," though he doesn't mention screen sizes. Previous reports have said that the resolution is 480 x 360.


For now, it looks like the clamshell is destined for Sprint—based on what the website can see from the CDMA network details. While it's running a very early build of OS 6.0, Driphter can see that the phone has 295.6MB of free space available, guessing there'll be 512MB in total for the phone.

As for specs, he confirms it has a 5MP camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth a 480 x 360 inside screen, external display, microUSB port and microSD card slot. His observations:

-It's not nearly as big as we thought it was, actually it's quite sleek when closed. Obviously once you open it up it gets quite large. very comfy to hold and handle
-The front and main screen are both huge and very crisp
-It has a F-M1 battery
-It has 512mb of Device Memory.
-It has built in functionality for touch screen options. My guess from layout is that the front screen on the flip will become touch functional for viewing messages, controlling media, etc.
-Yes, it is CDMA, but you'd be surprised what the network says...
-The keyboard is nice, not as raised as the 9630/9650, but raised and not flat.
-There is a lot of "wasted" space around the keyboard and home buttons.
-Not sure how big of a fan I am about the Chrome finish.

Over to OS 6.0, and Driphter confirms the customizable icons on the home screen, plus the addition of the new search tool on the top. Main differences between OS 6.0 and OS 5.0 appear to be the refreshed contacts and media player aesthetics; message categorization lets you color friends and families' emails so you know who's emailed just by a quick look. Twitter and YouTube apps are included as standard, apparently.

No idea how Driphter got his hands on the OS 6.0-running clamshell 9670, but it's certainly enough to convince us he's got the real deal. The software seems to be snappy enough. Roll on OS 6.0 d-day!


[Driphter - Thanks, TK!]

Hardware walk-through:

BlackBerry OS 6.0 walk-through:

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