Figla Robot: Super Roomba

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You could call the Figla cleaning robot a pumped up Roomba, but it might suck you into a bad way.

Guided by a combination of infrared, gyroscope, camera and ultrasonic sensors, the Figla cleaner can apparently navigate sidewalks with relative ease, picking up trash along the way. The robot can operate for up to 2 hours per charge, covering 1,000 square meters per hour.

But our favorite part...


Yes, the robot does a perfect impression of the Chipmunks! Imagine a robotic vacuum that can not only clean your house in under and hour, but do so to the melodious tones of accelerated Christmas songs. I have seen the future, my friends, and it includes robots that will not only trip me, but clean up the subsequent blood gushing from my head after the fall...while causing my ears to bleed...which will also be attended to promptly. Figla Cleaning Robot [via shinyshiny]