Fill This Cooler With Icy Water and It Doubles As an Air Conditioner

There's not an ice-cold beverage in the world that can refresh and cool you as effectively as an air-conditioned room can, but the IcyBreeze cooler offers up both options, just in case. Fill it with ice and it keeps drinks cold all day long, but add a little water and extend the hose on top and suddenly it becomes a portable cordless air conditioner.


Built into the IceBreeze's hinged lid is a radiator that sucks up icy cold water from the bottom of the cooler and uses it to chill air being pumped through the system by a three-speed fan. The cold air leaving the flexible tube is guaranteed to be up to 35 degrees colder than the air outside the cooler, and on its lowest fan setting it can run for up to seven hours on its rechargeable battery.

The IcyBreeze is no slouch as a regular old cooler, either. It promises to keep ice frozen for up to seven full days, and with a generous hinged handle on one side and wheels on the other, it's easy for one person to move it around. You can pre-order one now for $279 if you can wait until August for it to arrive, but once it's shipping the price for the IcyBreeze base version will jump to $350. Expensive for a cooler, yes, but not as a way to make camping in a tent during the summer a little more bearable. [IcyBreeze via GearJunkie]

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