Finally, a Baby Groot that will keep your Coffee warm

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This week, we learned just why it took so long for Marvel to roll out merchandise based on Dancing Baby Groot - but now that Guardians of the Galaxy has been out for a while, it's time for the Groot products to reign down on us, starting with this clever mug.

The mug is exclusive to Entertainment Earth and on its own looks like a pretty decent rendering of the little twig that's warmed the Internet's heart since he made his début at the end of the film - but he also happens to be a mug, so you can pour in your warm beverage of choice (as a Brit, I'm pretty sure this would be restricted to Tea and Tea alone for me!), pop the baby Groot-lid back on, and keep it warm while you bask in the splendour of your little Groot model.


The bad news however, is that the Mug - which will cost you $15 - won't be out until May of next year. James Gunn might have been right about trying to keep such a spoiler out of the hands of the merchandising people, but if it means we're having to wait until 2015 to indulge in our love of Groot, then that's a bit of a shame. Still, he got to keep it a surprise for the movie!

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