Finally, I Can Motorboat a Man's Pillowy Pectorals

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You ever look at the heaving bosom of a man—say Michael B. Jordan or Chris Hemsworth—and think “I want to grind up in there with my face for years and years?” Japanese artist Shirane apparently has. The artist, a recent graduate of the Ochanomizu Institute of Art in Tokyo, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the site Motion Gallery, for headless torsos in the shape of a hairless hunk.

With 56 days left, the campaign has already surpassed it’s goal of 450,000 yen ($4,288) and is now at 734,000 yen ($6,995). Presumably because everyone wants a fistful of fella.


According to the campaign’s page, Shirane created the pillow as part of her graduate project at art school. She was frustrated with the pillows currently available—which are all of busty anime women whose breasts share more in common with basketballs than the fleshy fat sacks human women lug about.

Shared images of her art project went viral in Japan and Shirane opted to create a crowdfund campaign. Now for as little as 10,000 yen ($95) you to can nestle in the sweet stuffy valley of man. Honestly, this pillow looks so good I can probably delete Tinder.

[Motion Gallery, h/t Sora News 24]

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Alex, Alex, Alex... if it’s pillowy pecs you want, I’m here for you.