Finis SwiMP3

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If I was young enough to have had this product when I swam lap after lap on my high school swim team, singing Bon Jovi tunes to myself to keep from drowning of boredom, I would have gone out and purchased a lifetime supply (ok, so I've dated myself, what of it??). Behold, the Finis SwiMP3 underwater digital audio player, the first of its kind to use a technology called Bone Conduction—which transfers the sound of vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear. Other waterproof MP3 players rely on sound to go through air or water, making music a lot more muffled.

Obviously fully waterproof, it resides on the back of your head and comes with goggles, USB cable and a carrying case. Has 128MB of memory, a bass boost mode, pause button and the ability to play songs randomly. And though it's great for swimming laps, don't count on taking it down for your next dive. The SwiMP3 only works in up to 10 ft of water. Batteries last for up to 4 hours. Retails for $180.


SwiMP3 Underwater Swimming MP3 Player [waterproof music]

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