Illustration for article titled Fire Tagging Makes Graffiti a Bit More Dangerous

Graffiti is cool, I guess. But graffiti that's been lit on fire before the paint dries? OK, now you have my attention.


Sure, fire tagging is relatively dangerous, what with a school in LA having been partially burned down from the practice, but as long as you're smart enough to not try it on the side of an old wooden barn it shouldn't be that bad. And some people are tagging with lighter fluid, making it less permanent than regular graffiti. Lighting wet paint on fire makes it permanent, but with burned accents, which is cool too. But something about making graffiti more of a performance and something to be witnessed right after it's done is especially pleasing to me.

Unless it was on the side of my convenience store, in which case I'd call the cops on those no-good punks. [Gothamist via Fast Company; Photo by Faith-Ann Young]


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