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There ain't no power in the verse that can stop you from passing go and collecting 200 credits, apparently.

Yes, the slightly weird trend of Firefly board gaming products cropping out of nowhere has continued. It started off at least pretty creatively with a card game based on the Tall Card game from the show, got weird with River Tam-themed Clue, and now it's gone straight up traditional with a version of Monopoly that, if it's anything like literally any other version of Monopoly, is likely to make you want to tear your friends and family apart like you're a Reaver after about 30 minutes of playing it.


Considering its cut-down run time, I'm surprised to discover there were enough planets and locations between Firefly and Serenity to fill up the game board, but lo and behold there is, as you use one of six pieces — The Serenity, one of the Serenity's shuttles, what looks like the Reaver ship and several alliance ships. It's been long enough since I last saw Firefly I can't say I particularly recognise all the ships, but I'm kind of surprised the ambulance shuttle they steal in Ariel isn't one of the vehicles. Rounding out the Firefly-isation of Monopoly is the replacement of the Community Chest and Chance cards with 'Gorram' and 'Shiny', because... well, let's be honest, there's not much else you could have really done to make this more Firefly-esque than they already did, considering that it's not like there's much base material you could go on in the first place. I'll give them their silly card names!

Does the Browncoat in your life need an excuse to play Monopoly? The game is due out in April for $40.

[via Geek Alerts]

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