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Firefly's Serenity Finally Gets the Detailed Cutaway Model It Deserves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For years there have been countless toys and models letting you take a peek inside ships like the Enterprise from Star Trek, or the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. And now browncoat-wearing Firefly fans finally have a beautifully-detailed model of Serenity to put on their mantles as well—or just secretly play with while their family's aren't looking.

Even at 1:250-scale this miniature Serenity still measures in at twelve-inches long and eight-inches wide, and features more than 200 hand-painted parts throughout its interior. The upper section of the hull is removable so you can poke around inside, and it's held in place with magnets so it's easy to reassemble the screen-accurate model that's actually based on the original 3D Serenity models from the series.


Only 2,000 of the Serenity models will be produced, setting collectors back $350 a pop. And while Firefly memorabilia has seen a resurgence in popularity lately, die-hard fans might want to order one of these collectibles now to ensure they can actually get one, instead of putting it on a wish list only to have their families find them sold out in a few weeks. [ThinkGeek]


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