FireLiteXPress USB Hard Drive With Always-On Display

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SmartDisk, not to be confused with its rival DumbDisk, is releasing the FireLite XPress series of hard drives in June. Now, what does this mean and why should you care? Primarily, the palm-sized hard drive features an LCD on the front that displays that unit's remaining capacity even when it's not plugged in. Yes, quite revolutionary indeed. SmartDisk will release the drive with two capacities, a 60GB version fro $199 and a 120GB version for $299, both compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X right out of the box. Whether or not the LCD justifies that sort of price tag remains to be seen, but rest assured that at least you'll always be aware of how much space you have left for "Linux distros," since that's what you torrent all day long.

Press Release (PDF) [SmartDisk via EverythingUSB]


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