First Benchmarks: 13-Inch MacBook

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Macworld published its first benchmarks of the 13-inch MacBook, taking two of the newest Intel-based laptops out for a spin. Running the benches on 1.83GHz and 2GHz Intel Core Duo 13" Macbooks, Macworld reports they "held their own" against their MacBook Pro brethren.

Looking at the numbers, the new MacBooks were a bit slower than the 17-inch MacBook Pro with its faster 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo inside. Predictably, with graphics-intensive tests such as Unreal Tournament 2004, the smaller MacBooks fell far behind because of their integrated Intel graphics sharing the main memory. Gamers might want to look elsewhere, but otherwise the MacBooks are looking like a pretty good value.

MacBook benchmarks in black and white [Macworld]