First gooey footage from Vessel's in-flight alien attack

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We've been following the work of Clark Baker's short film Vessel ever since we laid eyes on his monster on a plane creations. But now the film has wrapped, and we're got first ever footage of the mile-high alien.


Since we last reported on Vessel, they've wrapped principal photography (check out a few stills from that shoot in the gallery below), finished a version of the alien head (above) and found a way to finance their film in full. So far, so good. Now take a look at a few images plus this exclusive test-ish footage of the gooey alien face in action. Note: According to the director, all of the images and video have yet to be color corrected. They in no way represent the final look of the short film. But we still think they look pretty great.

Here's the official synopsis:

Vessel is the story of the passengers of Flight 133, a red-eye on its way from Boston to San Francisco. Midway through the flight the passengers encounter an otherworldly force and are subsequently thrown into a fight for their lives. The story focuses on Danny (an everyday traveler), Emma (a flight attendant), Chloe (an unattended underage passenger) and Jim and Murray (the two pilots).

And finally, check out the alien in action!


Vessel - Alien Tease from Clark Baker on Vimeo.

For more information check out Vessel's Kickstarter page.




Yay, rubber monster!

So TIRED of CG monsters. Gooey looks so GOOD on the big screen.