First-Grader With No Hands Wins National Handwriting Award

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This is Annie Clark. She's only seven, and sadly she was born without hands. But that doesn't seem to pose much of a problem for her, because she's just won a national penmanship award. A handwriting award. Without hands.

Annie managed to write her way to victory in the content that was held at Wilson Christian Academy in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, snagging herself a trophy and $1,000 as one of two national winners in her category, reports the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

What's really interesting here is how she writes. She wedges a pencil between her arms—the same way she feeds herself and even paints her toenails—and somehow has enough dexterity to write. That requires some very fine muscle movement in her arms in order to create characters on the page.


The prize itself was actually one of two given to students with disabilities, though she had already won top penmanship honors among all of the students at her school straight up. In fact, no one realized there even was a disabled category until after her entry had been forwarded to compete at the state level.

Annie, you're amazing. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

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I would say "not to be a dick or anything" but I know what I'm gonna say is dickish, so:

Sorry to be a dick, but I want to see the handwriting before I get too impressed. Could be complete chicken scratch, but "Holy shit she's got no hands? Get that girl a trophy!"