Illustration for article titled First Intercontinental Jetpack Flight Ends With a Wet Crash Landing

50-year-old Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy (known aliases: Fusionman and Jetman), was forced to abort his first attempt at a jetpack flight from Africa to Europe with a dive into the Mediterranean Sea. I guess the nicknames didn't come with superpowers.

Seems like jetpacks aren't really the best option for longer distances. But then again, this wasn't Rossy's first time attempting a long-distance jetpack flight either, in fact, this 23-mile trip would've only been one mile longer than his previous (and successful) flight over the English channel. Big difference, of course was that this one ended in failure despite starting with a jump from a plane. Ah well, I'll cheer for his next attempt around New Year's and keep hoping that he'll wear a cape. [Telegraph via Dvice]


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