First LED Headlights Appear, Unleash Astonishing Styling Possibilities

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While LED taillights have become commonplace, we haven't seen them in the front of vehicles until now. The first production cars to use LED headlights will be the Audi R8 and Lexus LS, with more on the way. LEDs last longer and use less power, but by far the most appealing aspect of these tiny lights: the styling possibilities, where they take up much less room and can be distributed on the front of the car in unusual ways.

It's not easy engineering these LEDs for headlight use, because they get hotter than a two-dollar pistol, plus that heat from the engine compartment doesn't help, either. We're glad they sorted that out, though, because check out how way-cool these rides look. Not long from now, vehicles with old-skool conventional headlights will be about as appealing as grandma's mustache.


LED Headlights [Wheel Talk, via treehugger]

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