First Look at jOBS, the Steve Jobs Movie Starring Ashton Kutcher: This Is Actually Pretty Good

I don't know if jOBS—the biopic of Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher—will be any good, but this clip by Inside Movies actually looks pretty decent! We might have to eat our words.


Kutcher does a good impersonation of the young Steve, and the clip seems to show the moment in which Steve Jobs learns that Steve Wozniak can create a personal computer that actually displays information on a screen—which later became the first Apple computer.

The movie is coming out on April 19, and it's being shown at the Sundance Festival.

We asked Steve Wozniak for comment on this scene, so stay tuned (he may pop in the comments, as he sometimes does!) [Inside Movies]

This is Steve Wozniak's response to the clip.



Steve Wozniak

Not close...we never had such interaction and roles...I'm not even sure what it's getting at...personalities are very wrong although mine is closer...don't forget that my purpose was inspired by the values of the Homebrew Computer Club along with ideas of the value of such machines and Steve J. wasn't around and didn't attend the club so he was the one learning about such social impact of the future.