TMZ has scored some photos of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. I don't know what disgusts me more: the fact that a useless actor like Kutcher is playing Jobs or that they are milking Jobs figure already or that they got the characterization entirely wrong.


Actually, it's all of the above, but the last part is especially bad. I don't even care that they didn't get Jobs' signature grey New Balances right. Whatever. The really, extremely bad thing here is that you can't bloody put a 1980s Steve Jobs inside his 2000s jeans and black turtleneck uniform.

As Jobs himself would say: that sucks.

See, Ashton's face is going for the early young Jobs—except for that stupid haircut—when the Apple II and the Macintosh were introduced. But the fact is that Jobs didn't wear the now classic Levi's and the custom Japanese black sweater uniform until the last decade of his life. And during that decade, he didn't have much hair. And certainly not that beard.

Whatever. Who cares. Looking at their lack of attention to the most obvious facts, you can tell this movie is going to suck big time—clearly a sign that nobody is giving a flying fuck about making this movie any good, let alone accurate. It's going to be a brown paper bag full of bad lines and bad acting.

I just hope they get Noah Wyle back for the Aaron Sorkin one. [TMZ]


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