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First Look at the Teaser Trailer for Sandy Collora's "Hunter Prey"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sandy Collora, the fanfilm auteur behind Batman Dead End, has just finished an original feature film. Called Hunter Prey, it's like Predator crossed with ConAir. In other words: Asskicking. Check our our exclusive teaser trailer!

The movie is about a prison ship that's crashed on an alien world, and the soldiers who have to track down an alien convict with serious survival skills. Filmed on location in the Mexican desert, the movie is awash in gorgeous landscapes and Collora's costume design is incredible. Hunter Prey is a true labor of love, made entirely as an indie film on a very modest budget. And it looks exciting as hell - as well as having a retro-1970s feel.

Collora says:

Following the whole 70's motif, just like we have with everything, the trailer is very much what I feel it should be: A brief glimpse of the characters, the world, and what the story is about. Not everything about the movie is revealed. I didn't feel the need to tell or show it all, it's not just all the "greatest hits" moments, believe me. I wanted to give everyone a taste of the film and get them excited about it, but I want them to discover the magic of the movie as they're watching it, and not ruin the experience for them. After all, you can only see a movie for the first time, once.


You can find out more about the film and production schedule on Collora's MySpace page, or at the official film website.