First Official Footage From Spectre Has James Bond Fighting In the Alps

The 24th James Bond film's first official behind-the-scenes footage has just been tweeted by the official account. And it looks like we'll be getting the giant snow chase scene that is required of any Bond film that visits the Alps.


There are cars on fire, gondolas, a modern building that looks like some sort of company office — going by the name on it — and, most importantly, Léa Seydoux in a big furry hat and collar. Her outfit and her presence with Dave Bautista — who is rumored to be playing an Oddjob-esque henchman — points to her being a femme fatale.



"The thing Sam and I talked about was how we're going to top Skyfall..."

So, I guess, that's it, then? We're all just going to engage in the collective delusion that Skyfall wasn't a shit film that ended in a Home Alone ripoff/homage?

I guess I'm just getting the memo now.