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First Palm Treo 750 Picture

Illustration for article titled First Palm Treo 750 Picture

Lately Palm has been making some fairly incremental updates to its Treo line, so we're excited at the prospect of the 750. Behold, the first decent leaked Treo 750 picture. It's a crappy picture probably taken on a cellphone, so it must be real! We won't point out the new blue case like some other blogs, but we will mention it looks like there is no exterior antenna and the black and white button coloring has been reversed. This just in: In the future, black becomes white and white becomes black. Sweet.


[via everythingtreo]

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Trojan says:

"The 700w is known for poor performance and dropped calls."

Interesting. Why would 700w be dropping calls and 700p would not since they use the same hardware? I'm tired of windows whiners. Say something original - you all sound like a heard of sheep.