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The first pictures of Cowon's upcoming P5 portable media player have hit the Web. (For some reason, Cowon has decided to go with a male model to market its player. I guess that makes sense since girls just love to play with electronics, right?) The P5 will sport a five-inch touch screen and will feature a DMB antenna. DMB? You know what that means: Korea-only, folks. It'll run on Windows CE, which usually means that it'll runs dog slow. Time will tell.

Also of note is that the P5 is essentially a souped-up version of the upcoming A3, which will run Linux (hooray!) The A3 is the successor to the year-old A2, but with a better CPU.


Both the P5 and A3 should hit Korean retailers in Q4. Five-inch touch screen? Does that mean Apple is playing catchup now?

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