First Pink Gadgets, Now Pink Shotguns?

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Hunting season's coming up, and a lot of guys are getting sick and tired of looking at each other's ugly mugs, longing for a woman's touch. What better way to attract those lovely ladies to the hunting festivities than a pink shotgun? Offered for the first time this season exclusively by sporting goods and gun purveyor Gander Mountain, this 20-gauge Remington 870 Junior shotgun is offered complete with a pink Remington hat for $369.99. All that's missing is the Hello Kitty insignia.


Might be a great Christmas present for that special lady in your life, or for that unusual hunting partner with the purdy mouth, with whom you spent a little bit too much time last year. The verdict: Not likely to be any more positive to marketers than pink gadgets. The chances of this succeeding at retail? I'd gather far worse than the chances of pink gadgets. Just a hunch. [ShopLocal]



The 870 is great. Tried and true, easy to clean, cheap and reliable, easy to mount, good balance. Best shotgun for the money, imho. Get a couple choke tubes and you're off. Bought mine for sporting clays, but plan on taking up birds next year.