First Supergirl Trailer Really Does Feel Like An SNL Parody

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Oh no, someone took the Black Widow SNL sketch and turned it into a real series. CBS just released its first trailer for the Supergirl show and it is so depressingly paint-by-numbers we had to list the cliches off. But halfway in, it gets better.

This is depressing. Why must this big, awesome female-led superhero series cater to the most generic part of the presumed female TV market place? It’s a girl show, and what do girls like? Dating, having it all, boys! I half expected Supergirl’s heel to break and Jimmy Olsen to catch her. We like the cast behind this series, and the second half of the trailer (when it is focused on actually kicking ass) has a glimmer of promise. But the whole first half really felt like He’s Just Not That Into Your Bride Wars Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Let us count the ways:

  • Hot best friend who is in love with the main character, but the main character doesn’t pick up on this for inexplicable reasons.
  • Main character has a shitty job and wishes for more, anything more.
  • Main character actually seen carrying coffee, looking frazzled, doing frazzled things.
  • Devil Wears Prada boss.
  • Lecture about feminism that does really make sense when its coming from a person who treats people like crap.
  • Main character is deemed plain because she wears a PONY TAIL AND GLASSES.
  • Hot new guy talks to main character, main character forgets how to speak.
  • Main character is living in a sick pad that she couldn’t possibly afford fetching coffee.
  • Angry guy tells main character to “go back to getting someone’s coffee.”

We’re not the only ones to notice the insane similarity to the SNL parody.


But on the flip side, some folks loved it.


I’ll admit I started to turn halfway in when the series became more about her being a superhero and a person. And the cape shtick was both cute and funny.


Plus Melissa Benoist seems like a really good fit for Supergirl, hopefully we can keep the light tone of the series but stop front loading it with romcom retreads. We’re rooting for you Supergirl. But what did you think?