First Technical Review of the Samsung LED Backlit LCDs

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Gary Merson backs up our review of Samsung's new LED driven LCD displays, agreeing with my impression that its the best LCD I've ever seen. Gary's tests went deeper, revealing that the TV resolves 800 lines of motion which means that these sets have better blur resistance than even most 120Hz sets, and even some plasmas.


He also disliked the set's handling of 480 content, reporting massive jaggies. But scaler aside for a moment, anyone can tell this set looks good, technical tests or not, by looking at it plain and simple. If you're considering this TV, he also drops in comparisons to plasmas and some other sets so reading his review is worth it. [HD Guru and Samsung's 81 Series on Giz]



to JAWZXY: yes, it looks 3dimensional, because its a computer-redering with lots of depth. has anyone noticed that there is a funny trick when it comes to lcd displays? the largest problem for lcd displays is the skin-color. often cheeks look really artificial on them. i noticed that lcd displays look best when you watch comic or computer rendered videos. i am not surprised that this picture on that screen looks good - it's computer-rendered.