First Trailer For Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End TV Miniseries

Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) sits front and center for the very first trailer for Syfy’s huge adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke’s famous alien invasion book Childhood’s End. This is a big deal, and it absolutely must be done correctly.


The story takes place after Earth has been peacefully invaded by an alien presence. The unknown alien Overlords have set up what appears to be an utopia for our future planet, but once you dig beneath the surface of this perfect new existence the reader discovers that not everything is on the up and up. It’s a stellar novel and really a must-read for all scifi fans.

Syfy is turning the classic work into a TV miniseries, and it would absolutely heartbreaking if they managed to mess this up. However, casting Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance as Karellen (the ambassador to the mysterious alien Overlords) is one major step in the right direction already. Fingers crossed! The series will premiere this December.



I wonder if the overlords will resemble Barlowe’s interpretation. I HOPE they do.