Find out once and for all if you baby is an evil genius plotting against you and planning to take over the world with the FirstSounds Deluxe Prenatal Heart Listener from Unisar. The company advertises it as a way for parents to hear the wonderful sounds that their babies make months before they are born. This product includes a fetal monitor and headphones with a splitter jack along with a learning tape which helps you interpret exactly how your baby is trying to kill you when it gurgles and hiccups.

Make sure not to let the evil baby genius' plans go unrecorded—there is also an option to record sounds for later listening. Either cherish them for years to come or use them to torture your friends/relatives/grown children through repeated forced listening sessions. -Dana Bushman


FirstSounds Deluxe Prenatal Heart Listener [Marilyn Electronics via OhGizmo!]