Fitbit Flex Hands On: The King's Reign Might Be Over

We just got a few minutes with Fitbit's new Flex activity tracker. From the look of it, they've basically just reengineered the One, made it smaller, taken out the altimeter and shoved it into a wristband. Double tap the band and a stream of five tiny LEDs notify you of how many goals you've reached for the day. So if you've only hit two of your five goals, then only two LEDs will light up. The band itself seems a bit chintzy but is infinitely adjustable for any size wrist.


When asked why Fitbit was making a move to the wrist, I received a pretty bogus answer about not having to worry about forgetting the device in your pocket or on your belt because it's now on your person. The fact of the matter is, the company is basically scared that it will lose ground to the likes of Jawbone and Nike. The One is the undisputed activity tracker champion and this seems like a step in the wrong direction. Ditching the display and altimeter can't possibly be justified by simply making it a wrist worn tracker. But we'll reserve judgment until the Flex ships this spring.

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If its on my wrist, I want it to be a watch. No sale.