Five New DoCoMo 3G Phones

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NTT DoCoMo announced 5 new 3G phones today, sitting across the Pacific, taunting us Americans with their shiny high-speed goodness. They included the SA700iS (far right), its first 3G model with built-in GPS, while the FOMA Dolce is an "elegant handset covered with artificial leather." Because, you know, pleather is so much more elegant than the real thing.

DoCoMo also announced three phones in the 701i series, designed to take advantage of its new i-channel service that pushes information to phones' standby screens. For the OCD among us, two of these phones have an antibacterial coating, while one features the first 3G "Disney Mode" — a feature that turns all the screen designs to ones featuring Mickey and his corporate brothers and sisters.


Beyond that, all five have the usual features you've come to know and envy from Japan: 3G high-speed data, video calls, megapixel cameras, Flash support and so on. — CL

NTT DoCoMo Dolce and SA700iS []
NTT DoCoMo FOMA 701i Handsets []

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