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FlapIt Is an Analog Ticker for the Social Media Obsessed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In some near techno-dystopia, where followers, likes, and retweets are the most powerful form of social currency, FlapIt will have its place.

The device is a simple idea. Take the classic analog ticker and make it all about social media engagement. The $300 box tracks tons of accounts like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and even VKontakte, if you're like a big thing in Russia or something. And it's all in real-time, so you're always completely up-to-date with with how many digital friends are ogling your genius web prose. Plus, you get the aural satisfaction of 1960s analog. Flappityflappityflappity.


aw yiss.

Where FlapIt really starts to make sense is for small businesses trying to impress window shoppers with all its Facebook fans, which FlapIt says is a big deal. This guy also has more than just numbers and can display Yelp stars and hashtags.


The only design flaw is not adding one more digit. Just don't get too popular, or you made need to stick in an K or an M (lucky you!). This sucker tops out at 999,999.

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