Are You Paranoid Enough For Netatmo's Outdoor Nanny Cam?

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Do you need eyes on your front door at all times, lest a burglar creep up to your doorstep? (Or at least to make sure that your dog doesn’t run away?) Netatmo’s got a new outdoor nanny camera to keep watch.


Always-on, web-connected security cameras are nothing new, but while the indoor market has been more or less cornered by Google’s Nestcam, the outside of your home remains a more uncharted frontier.

In a lot of ways, Netatmo’s new Presence camera is the outdoor evolution of the indoor Welcome camera that the company introduced last year. The coolest feature is the camera’s ability to recognize people, and to distinguish between known and trusted individuals, and strangers. The Presence camera doesn’t just detect people, either. Its brains can also recognize cars and pets.

The camera is connected to the internet and sends push notifications to your smartphone, alerting you that a human, a dog, or a vehicle has been spotted. The Presence’s vision is definable into zones, so that you only get notifications if say, if there’s movement in a particular area over by where you park your Porsche.

The camera shoots Full HD video, which is recorded onto a microSD card and can then be uploaded automatically to a personal FTP server. It has 100-degree field of view, and can see up to 65 feet. That’s reasonable coverage.

Nobody should ever rely on this type of security camera for actual security, however. Presence won’t catch your dog from digging a hole in the back yard, much less a burglar breaking in the back door. But for a little piece of mind while you’re on vacation (or whatever), a nanny cam is an understandable expenditure.

One thing that’ll definitely keep you safe? The Presence’s motion-sensitive night light. At the very least, you won’t trip on the garden hose after a long day of work.

The Presence is slated for release in the third quarter of 2016, so it won’t be there to lord over your home during your summer vacation this year.



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A warning to people who are thinking of a PuppyCam: My husband got me a Nest Cam for Christmas so I can check in on the dog during the day. We have a two year old Husky and he can be destructive if he’s left alone for a long time, which we try to avoid but life happens.

It’s nice to be able to check in and send a few reassuring voice snippets through the day, and get a little happy tail wag or woo woo from my buddy, but I have to say it is kind of depressing.

We avoid thinking about it as humans, but that deep, secret fear you foster; the one where you worry your dog does nothing but sit next to the door all day and wait for you to get home? Totally true!