Flash Forward To ABC's New Lost Replacement

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Flash Forward doesn't just share a time-traveling concept with ABC's Lost - according to those who've read the pilot script, it just may end up as the network's replacement for the island based mystery-filled drama.


Jace of the site Televisionary had a chance to look at the script to Brannon Braga and David Goyer's pilot (to star Joseph Fiennes and John Cho), and came away very impressed:

With Lost set to end in May 2010, the network seems hellbent on finding a suitable replacement for the series and Goyer and Braga's project seems the best suited so far to capture the imaginations of Lost's devoted band of obsessive followers... [W]hile many networks have strayed from overly complex serialized dramas with large casts of characters of late, Flash Forward could be the one to buck this trend. ABC knows that it has to find a replacement for Lost sooner rather than later and, if handled properly, this could be a suitable contender to the throne.

The site's spoiler-filled review not only outlines the concept behind the show - loosely based on Robert J. Sawyer's 1999 novel of the same name, where everyone in the world blacks out for two minutes and has a vision, all witnessing where they'll be at exactly the same point in the future - but also introduces the many, many mysteries and plot strands that are set up for future exploration, and it's an understatement to say that fans of Lost's numerous unanswered questions and crosstime clues will find themselves satisfied here.

What's slightly less satisfying is a look at ABC's casting call for the series, which just goes to show that not everything has been worked out, in terms of plotting (Two "MAY RECUR"s? They don't know yet?). Nice to see that the series may have its own Mohinder Suresh, however:

[KATHLEEN DEVRIES] This South African woman in her 50s, who speaks in accented English, calls Dominic to warn him of his appearance in her dire future vision...14 speeches & 6 lines, 1 scene (49) VOICE OVER ONLY. IN HER 50S, MAY RECUR.

Ah, annoying narration, how we love thee...

Flash Forward is expected to be produced for fall next year.

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