Flash Zune Specs Leaked by FCC

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Lending a little more credence to all the Zune launch rumors we heard yesterday, the FCC just leaked out some sketches and specs for the flash Zune. It's not even a mystery Toshiba like last time—these 4GB and 8GB mini-Zunes even have the Zune symbol on board. It looks exactly like the display model we saw, down to the circular/square keypad and the play and skip buttons that are moved up. Along with these flash-based players, there's also a charger and what looks like an FM adapter. Looks like it's going to be a war between the skinny long Zune and the fat, wide iPod nanos. [FCC via Technabob]

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@Xenocide: I would consider the iPhone/iPod Touch pretty new, and the classic being one of the very few PMP's on the market with over 100GB storage. Even if they're not completely new all around, there are some notable, positive changes.

@wetworker: It's likely a compromise in response to the belly-aching of the nano owners that constantly bitched that they could not play games or watch videos on their 1/2G nanos. Apple could've either kept the nano the same, or somehow optimize it further to do more than just play music or display really really tiny photos.