Flexible LED Studio Lighting That Can Be Rolled Up Like a Blanket

Short of solving world hunger, there doesn't seem to be much LEDs aren't good at. They're a far superior alternative to incandescent and even fluorescent lights, and given they're so small and indestructible, they can be used in incredibly unique lighting products like these flexible, roll-up studio lights.

But the RagLites aren't just designed for professional photographers. They do allow for unique setups in studio sessions that traditional rigid lighting can't pull off, but its creators have made cheaper and smaller versions designed for regular consumer use as well. Whether it's mood lightning under a bed, or as an emergency work light you can just crumple up and toss in the trunk of your car.

If you believe in the idea, you can help make the RagLites a reality by donating to its Kickstarter campaign which is hoping to raise $25,000 over the next month to cover production and legal costs. The cheapest version, the RagLite Mini, will sell for $75 if and when the lights successfully make it to consumers. But the larger professional versions, which include color-accurate LEDs, top out at $2,400. A price tag most consumers will balk at, but given the flexibility (pun intended) these offer, most studio photographers will probably appreciate the investment. [Kickstarter - Raglite via SlashGear]

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LMFAO. Those flexible LED striplights sell for a few cents/foot. $100 for a mat of them is ridiculous. "colour accurate versions" are likely only to be minimally more expensive.