Flickr Knows What Camera You're Using, Is Telling Everybody

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Flickr, the popular photo sharing Web site bought out by Yahoo! some months ago, is now collecting and publishing the camera details of its users. Welcome to a Web 2.0 gold mine of data that marketing types will likely skeet over. The first few sets of data released indicate that Canon has a pretty good stranglehold over Flickr's users, with its EOS Digital Rebel XT (omg my camera!) leading the pack. In the camera phone realm, the Sony Ericsson K750i is most popular, followed by the Nokia N70.


An important caveat to recognize, however, is that the data is only representative of cameras that Flickr can automatically detect, which leaves out many camera phones. Otherwise, Flickr gets it right about two-thirds of the time.

Anyone else feel a little creep'd out by this? Where's the hack to disable all this data mining?

Flickr: Camera Finder [Flickr via Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed]

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