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Flickr's New Chief Is Actually a Legit Photographer (Thank God)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer is in the process of trying to rescue the ailing company, which means lots of hires and fires and business blah blah nobody cares about. But buried within the recent news from the company is a little tidbit that'll be interesting to anyone who'd like to see Flickr get a kick in the pants.


The service will now be overseen by Adam Cahan, who was just promoted to "SVP of Emerging Products and Technology" at the company. Besides being a former CEO and Googler, Cahan's resume boasts his experience as a former National Geographic cameraman. Does this mean that he can save Flickr? Not necessarily, but hey, it can't hurt that he might be able to see the service's broken UI from the perspective of an actual photographer. [San Jose Business Journal via PetaPixel]