Flipboard, an iPad Magazine About Nothing

Illustration for article titled Flipboard, an iPad Magazine About Nothing

Flipboard is new iPad app that aggregates all your social networking activities, presenting them in a nicely animated magazine format. Because magazines aren't dead, they're just free now. And all about you.


The app comes with a sort of auto-generated contents page, that lets you select from Facebook, Twitter or many other types of social news feed, presenting the results it drags out page by page—and inserting links to any web articles and videos your friends have shared. It's... visual Twitter in mag format, and quite an exciting idea.

Please watch the presentation video, it's strangely hypnotic. That man is so relaxed and reassuring we'd definitely buy this from him—if it wasn't free. [Flipboard]



By getting this device that includes no Flash and never will, you actually purchased the FlipYouOff Board without even knowing it (a.k.a. iPad)