Flipboard Now Has Video Ads (But They Won't Auto-Play, Thank Goodness)

Illustration for article titled Flipboard Now Has Video Ads (But They Wont Auto-Play, Thank Goodness)

Nope, you can't escape advertising. Flipboard, the gorgeous mobile reading app with over 100 million users, will now start showing you full-page video ads as you try to catch up on your reading.


As you browse through Flipboard's major sections like News and Entertainment today, you'll see clips from Sony Pictures, Chrysler, Gucci and more. Mercifully, Flipboard doesn't plan to suddenly spring the ads on you. Instead, they will be presented as additional components to its regular display ads. You'll need to tap on one to get it to play, unlike the annoying auto-playing clips on Facebook.

The program is currently a pilot, but it should roll out to every Flipboard user by November 1. [Recode]

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Thank Goodness Gizmodo doesn't have Video Ads that Autoplay