Flipclips Turn Digital Video Into Analog Flippage

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Flipclips is a website where you send your digital video and get back a little color flipbook that displays that video as you quickly thumb through its pages. The books are available in three different sizes—a 75-page flipbook ($9) is 3.5 inches wide and works best with a 15-second video clip, a greeting card ($11) is 4.25 inches wide with 50 pages and displays a 10-second clip, and then a storybook ($19) is 4.5 inches wide and looks best with a 30-second full-rez DV clip.

Sure, this concept is nothing new; I remember using Mac software that would let you do this back in 1994. The difference here is the quality of the books and the convenience of multiple printings, where you can send in one video and the company will print hundreds of these little books with the price getting lower as the volume gets higher. They would be great for weddings and parties and such. Not exactly new, but fun stuff nonetheless.

Product Page [flipclips, via productdose]

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But you need both hands to run the flipchart - not very practical for porn. And besides, 30 seconds doesn't do it for me ;)

(Yes, I know you were kidding.)