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Flipper's Got a Backache: Ocean Breeze Wave Motion Dolphin

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ocean Breeze is an undulating segmented worm-like light that's shaped like a dolphin, is lit up with blue LEDs, and makes strange undersea noises complete with dolphin squeaks. Yes, it actually moves and flaps its tail up and down like a dolphin. Or something.

It's marketed as some sort of romantic talisman, but we wouldn't fire this baby up the next time Flipper gets a backache. It just looks weird, and it sounds like a faucet's leaking in the bathroom next door. We've heard similar sound efffects in morgue scenes. Don't miss the video of this $79 wave motion dolphin in action. You may be as unimpressed as we are.

Product Page (Japanese, with video) [Tomy, via Audio Cubes]