flOw Wireless iPod Speakers Change Their Tune Based On Your Movement

Want to change the track or adjust the volume on these wireless flOw iPod speakers? Simple. Just pick them up, turn them over or give them a shake, and the deed is done thanks to accelerometers housed within.


You can even remove the speakers to manipulate them, and toss them about the room like noisy projectiles, as this little girl prepares to do in the speakers' marketing materials. Duck bitches, there's some Dora the Explorer headed your way!

As with all gadgets quirky and magical however, this bulbous speaker system is only a concept for now. The name might also need a hard look, as both the spelling and styling are similar (read: identical) to a PlayStation 3 title of, well, the same spelling and styling.

And lastly, be forewarned: The shelf-shaking death metal you love to show off to your friends could lead to an accidental track skip to that Bieber single you "accidentally" downloaded during a late night binge. [Yanko Design via Engadget]


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