Flower Shaped Urinals, For When Nature Really Calls

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Innovations in urinals are usually technological: they flush faster, quieter, more automatically, less wastefully; they massage you in all the right places and take your temperature and such. That's all fun and games... but California artist Clark Sorensen doesn't care for all that hi-tech stuff. Instead, he wants to make you pee in a pretty flower.

"Nature's Call", his appropriately named line of custom, hand-made, fully functioning vitreous porcelain fixtures can actually be plumbed and used in a bathroom. Each is meticulously hand built and one of a kind - formed from high fire porcelain and fired to cone 10 (2300 deg.). (cone 10?)


Prices vary from $3500 to $9500, the yellow orchid in the image fetching $5500. -DP

Nature's Call [Clark Sorensen via Trendir]

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