We jokingly call it joining the Mile High Club, but the idea is that we're inviting people to test out in-flight Wi-Fi speeds while taking silly pictures of themselves.

The rules of the Mile High Club are simple: A goofy picture isn't mandatory to gain membership, but you do need to run a Speed Test while using in-flight Wi-Fi and send us the results. So either take a screenshot or copy the data and email it to me (along with any in-flight webcam pictures) under the subject line "Mile High Club." Please make sure that you also include the name of the airline you're flying (and, if possible, the cities you're flying to and from). Oh, and don't forget to grab coupon code for free inflight Wi-Fi before you go (some of those codes might still work).


In exchange for your email, you'll get no membership cards, no tshirts, no cookies, and no invitations to member-only events, but you will receive a "thank you" from me and be able to count yourself as part of our little club.


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