Folding Colander Is Perfect for Flat Noodles

It took 100 prototypes to figure it out, but someone engineered the folding colander. The colander uses a 12-hinge design to retain its shape for straining and then folds flat to store easily in the always precious real estate of kitchen cabinetry. It's $29 and comes in green or white—which are specifically not the baby blue you see in this photo. But that's probably a good thing*.

* Inevitably, at least someone reading this post will not only like baby blue but be wearing a baby blue jumper at this very moment that matches their baby blue kitchen built to resemble their baby blue car/house/dog/cat/baby boy's room. And we're sure said person has pulled it off quite tastefully. We also know that a color snob will explain the color is not baby blue and offer an alternative like "periwinkle"—even though we know that "periwinkle" is the wrong color in this instance. All this has been anticipated, even welcomed, by the story's author.
[Generate via bltd]


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