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Folding@home Recognized By Guinness World Records

Illustration for article titled Folding@home Recognized By Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records has acknowledged Folding@home as the world's most powerful distributed computing project. On September 16, 2007, months after the program was first distributed to PS3s, Folding@home hit 1 petaflop—setting the record. But just a week later (September 23), PS3 users alone reached the petraflop mark. While Kaz Hirai revealed some of these numbers at his Tokyo Game Show keynote last month, it's good to see gamers who are fueling Folding@home immortalized in the same context as marathon teeter-totterers and that guy who ate an airplane. Because they deserve it. [image]


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Can we get an update on this? With the whitenoise freaking out about it, it might warrant a new article with some official endorsement?