Footage from Jeff Bridges' Seventh Son reveals tons of crazy monsters

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In Seventh Son, Jeff Bridges is a witch-hunter who takes on an apprentice to fight an evil witch (Julianne Moore). But we didn't realize is this film is chock full of Ray Harryhausen-style monsters, until we saw a ton of footage here at San Diego Comic-Con. Spoilers ahead...


We saw a huge "sizzle reel" from Seventh Son, which comes out in January, just now. And we were not prepared for the huge amount of monsters we saw rampaging across our screens. There are dragons. There is a four-armed Kali-esque blue character. There is a ginormous boggart, sort of like a troll who lives in the ground, who bursts out of the ground and chases our heroes.

The basic gist of this sizzle reel was to hammer home a few major points:

1) Jeff Bridges is an ultimate badass. We see him doing tons of great stuff, including catching a cross that a possessed woman has hurled across the room telekinetically — with one hand. He drives the demon out of the woman. He does tons of amazing sword-fighting. He tangles with witches and demons and dragons. And at one point, we see a dragon roaring at him so hard it blows his hair back — and he just stands his ground, with a grim expression on his face. But when he sees a Boggart, he says there's nothing to do but just run. (And they run into a cave which leads to a huge cliff, which leads to a waterfall. Bridges says Boggarts hate water, but then the Boggart jumps off the cliff into the water, capsizing the raft they've gotten on. Then Ben Barnes winds up riding on the Boggart's back over the falls. Seriously cool sequence.)

2) There's a terrible threat coming. We see an ancient city in flames. We see strange costumes like medieval gas masks, and terrible creatures romaing the streets. We hear a voiceover saying the Devil is upon us, and there will be slaughter. And so on and so forth. The witches are gathering their power, the monsters are rising, etc.

3) Jon Snow is toast. Kit Harington is Bridges' original apprentice — and we see him fighting and being locked in a cage and being wailed on, and we pretty much see him getting killed, which probably happens pretty early in the film. Later, Bridges takes his new apprentice (Ben Barnes) to see his family — all of his apprentices, who have all died. He shows Barnes all the gravestones. In fact, there were supposed to be a thousand defenders against evil, and they're all dead.

4) The new apprentice is struggling We see a training montage and stuff, and Bridges snarling at his apprentice to "show me who you are." Bridges chews the scenery with total glee as he tries to whip this youngster into shape and turn him into a weapon against the evil onslaught.

5) The witches are sexy. Julianne Moore is incredibly seductive as the leader of the evil witches, and we see her using her power to cure one of the other witches of some terrible blight. And a younger witch seduces the heck out of Ben Barnes, telling him not all witches are evil and in fact Jeff Bridges' character was in love with a witch in the past and we all have secrets. She tries to convince Ben Barnes to join the witches' side.


And Ben Barnes gave us a quickie synopsis of the film:

I play a character called Tom Ward who is a young pig farmer in the middle of nowhere, in our mysterious land. And he knows that he's meant for something more in this world, but he doesn't know what that is, but he just feels alienated and different. And Jeff's character, Master Gregory, who is this wonderful grumbling fighter of the dark side, turns up one day at my house... I get sold to him for a small bag of gold and I think it's very exciting until I realize he's essentially going to treat me like a servant, initially anyway. This bond forms between the two of them over time. And they have to band together to fight he forces of evil which are combining as the blood red moon approaches.




After the Oscar win, I guess Jeff is in his "doing it for the money" stage of his career.